General terms

General terms & conditions

  1. Any party that wishes to rent spaces, technical equipment and services on the territory of International Congress Center Burgas must submit an enquiry no less than 3 /three/ working days prior the starting date of the event - in written form on location, or at the provided e-mail:;
  2. The applicant is required to specify dates/period/event duration as well as the designated spaces, services & technical equipment.
  3. The enquiry is approved after receiving advanced payment of 30% of the total price of required services & spaces.
  4. In case of unforeseen circumstances due to which the event cannot take place, the applicant can negotiate alternative dates in the span of the next 12 (twelve) months. If the event still cannot take place within the designated time frame, the applicant receives a full refund of any deposits.

*Unforeseen circumstances: circumstances (events) of unpredictable character, which occurred after enquiry confirmation and could not be prevented by either party such as: fire, procedural emergency, military action, natural disasters, embargo, government limitations, riots, protests, social unrest, orders by executive power concerning social gatherings with regards to safety.

  1. In case of cancellation, the client must provide written notice to International Congress Center Burgas. In this case, advanced payments are not eligible for refund.
  2. Any changes to an existing enquiry are made by written form (by e-mal) no less than 10 (ten) days prior the event.
  3. In case of included catering, the client can use the services of a third party and is required to notify International Congress Center Burgas providing contact details of said party no less than 14 (fourteen) days prior to the event.
  4. The client must notify International Congress Center Burgas of any third parties that they plan to hire for the duration of the event, as well as provide contact details of said parties.
  5. Every Client /applicant/ pays for the provided spaces, services and technical equipment in accordance with a Pricelist provided by Bulgarian Ports Infrastructure Company (BPI Co.) on the territory of Congressional-science center for Black Sea control & studies / ICCB – International Congress Center Burgas/ approved by Order # № РД-09-33/ 12.07.2023 г. by CEO of Bulgarian Ports Infrastructure Company (BPI Co.)
  6. The client is required to pay the total price of the receipt issued by Bulgarian Ports Infrastructure Company (BPI Co.) for all provided spaces, services & technical equipment within a 5 (five) day period after the final date of the event. In case of overdue payment, 1% (one per cent) penalty is applied to the total sum of the receipt.
  7. The rent prices at International Congress Center Burgas include any consumption of electrical energy, water, heating, climatization, and internet connection during the rental period.
  8. Payments are performed by Bank transaction to IBAN of Bulgarian Ports Infrastructure Company (BPI Co.)
  9. Clients must only use areas, equipment & services in a way designated by their contract and are prohibited from lending/contracting it to other parties.
  10. Entry access and use of technical equipment/technical packages at International Congress Center Burgas is only granted to staff and authorized personnel.
  11. After event completion, the client must return the spaces, technical equipment in the same state as they were received.
  12. Clients must comply with all norms and regulations for safe exploitation of the spaces, founded by the active normative system, including sanitation node hygiene requirements as well as fire safety and security.
  13. Ventilation and climatization systems in the halls and shared spaces are operated only by staff of International Congress Center Burgas.
  14. Branding and advertisement materials can only be mounted/placed at designated areas with permission by International Congress Center Burgas.
  15. Smoking inside the halls and indoor shared spaces of International Congress Center Burgas is strictly prohibited.
  16. Any narcotic drugs, blades and firearms on the territory of International Congress Center Burgs are strictly prohibited.
  17. Any consumption of alcohol, excluding cases of organized catering and events is strictly prohibited.
  18. Any material damages or absences at International Congress Center Burgas are covered by the perpetrator or client in accordance with a previously signed protocol up to 7 days.